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I started my musical venture at 12 years old playing the Euphonium in school, in Brass Bands and an Orchestra. It was here I learned the basics of music theory and notation. Through secondary school I took playing Tuba and Bass Guitar. This continued through to Sixth Form college where I joined the school Jazz Band and toured with the school to play in various countries in Europe; Belgium, Germany, Paris (Disney Land). After successfully completing my Grade 5 theory exam and attaining grade 8 in Tuba, I went on to study for a BA Hons Commercial Music degree at The University of Westminster. Here I studied music production and studio recording methods that I now practice professionally.


After University, I took to the life of a freelance musician and teacher. I started working with various different companies, agencies and artists, delivering Music Technology workshops, Instrument lessons (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals) Film Production and story-boarding sessions as well as website design and animation workshops (stop-motion and Flash) mostly for young people. I have worked as the Performing Arts Officer for the London Borough of Haringey where I designed and delivered creative projects for young people. DefCon Workshops, Paddington Arts Centre and The Princes Trust are just some of the companies and agencies I have worked with.

In addition to teaching, I also have a well established presence in the Live Music scene in London. Playing Bass guitar, backing singing and MD (musical director) for session band ‘The Remedies”, and various other outfits. I have played with various talented signed and unsigned artists and acts in venues around London such as; Ronnie Scotts, The Jazz Café, Cargo, Shorditch House, Raffles, The Pigale and various others.


I began teaching with the Al Pascal music school in early 2009 and predominantly teach Bass Guitar, Piano and Vocal coaching, although I also have some beginner students in Guitar as well. My passion for music, sound, teaching and a venture for sonic excellence has grown and grown from the time I left school and continues to mature during my career. I give my best, always. I am professional, detailed and particular in my delivery and execution at the task in hand. I look forward to meeting you.  Thanks.


Neal Flynn

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